Fire Extinguisher Sales & Installations

Choosing the correct fire extinguishers for your premises is an important part of your overall fire plan, All premises are different so the correct fire extinguishers for the risks present is very important.

There are 5 types of fire extinguishers:

Type Class rating
Water Class A
AFFF Class A + B
Carbon Dioxide Class A, B + C
Powder Class A, B + C
Wet Chemical Class A + F

Extinguisher Classes:

Class Usage
A Wood Paper Textiles
B Flammable Liquids
C Flammable Gasses
D Metals
E Electrical
F Fat fryers

An Express Fire engineer can visit your premises and assess your needs for fire extinguishers and other associated equipment. There is no charge or commitment for this service.

All extinguishers supplied are to BSEN3

Extinguishers will be delivered and Commissioned.

Brackets are included and if asked nicely the Engineer will wall mount the fire extinguisher in the correct position for you.

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